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Do you want Let's Encrypt: No

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@Roblockhead Since you don't want LetsEncrypt, would you like me to paste a CSR so you can send it to your SSL provider?

I don't believe that I am able to do that with cloudflare, could I use my own certificate?

Whenever I try to load my site, I get a Security error because has a certificate for *

LetsEncrypt is free and managed by miraheze otherwise you would have to get your own cert (which costs).

I can't use third party certificates, I have my own certificate and I would like to use that for my domain, the let's encrypt certificate is preventing me from easily accessing the site as it is issued as a wildcard for, but is being blocked because of that mismatch in certificates

Note that your wiki does not have a le cert yet thus it is defaulting to using the miraheze cert (which is not le)

I have no way of using a third party certificate

So do you want LetsEncrypt then? Its free and requires no changes your end.

Paladox claimed this task.

done. works now.

removed as no longer pointing to us.