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Hi I'm trying to get embedded midi files playing in FluidSynth. and got an error message which suggests that perhaps it isn't installed yet?

This is the page I've imported from Wikipedia - you see the play buttons to the right?

Here it is in my wiki with Score and TimedMediaHandler extensions installed

The lua error says it can't find Timidity++ - that's the fallback if FluidSynth is not installed

In the score extehsion installation instructions it has this section:

The relevant parts are

$wgScoreFluidsynth = '/path/to/your/fluidsynth/executable'; /* if you want MIDI to audio conversion */
$wgScoreSoundfont = '/path/to/your/soundfont/file'; /* required for Fluidsynth */

The installation instructions for FluidSynth are here:

The second of those two soundfonts, soundfont-fluid, or Fluid R3 I thnk is the one you'd use.


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Thanks for adding Timidity - it now displays okay and shows links to the midi files, but the play buttons aren't working.

The template I'm using says it uses FluidSynth to play the files so it may be coded in a way that requires FluidSynth instead of Timidity