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Special:ManageWikiSettings doesn't actually apply my changes
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Hello. I'm new to this, but i assume it's like Github :)

So, a couple of hours ago as I'm writing this thing, I was trying to do things in my wiki in Special:ManageWiki (additional settings) and hit Submit. I noticed that nothing actually got submitted for some reason, but it says that it has been successfully updated.

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@CrushyGreenRen which wiki is this?

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I’m sure this is related to the roll out of the updated ManageWiki we did today.

@John I have no idea how to look into this, when you get a chance can you please?

@CrushyGreenRen which wiki is this?

I think this bug is for all wikis, but if you mean "what wiki I manage" is Encyclopedia Spheremania.

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UBN as this affects the functionality of all wikis

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