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Block all Chinese (excluding Taiwan) from reading my site
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Hello, I would like to block all Chinese users, and extremely technical measures are required. Access the htaccess file and block all Chinese IP addresses EXCLUDING TAIWAN.

Reason: I am anti-Chinese and I am not certainly open to the Chinese pirating my content (yes, it’s licensed under Creative Commons but they’ll profit from the work which violates the license rules because I said NO COMMERCIAL USE). And they either won’t attribute me.

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Fair0002 created this task.Sep 26 2018, 12:44
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Attempted censorship redacted.

@AmandaCath Why did you remove a users request? Did anyone ask you to do this?

@AmandaCath See the reply John gave. Unless it's offensive/illegal/spam please don't remove task content like that.

Reception123 updated the task description. (Show Details)Sep 26 2018, 19:25
Reception123 renamed this task from [Redacted] to Block all Chinese (excluding Taiwan) from reading my site.
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Unfortunately, we don't do censorship/geo-targeted blocks.

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