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Add groups add/remove to/form self and revoked rights to managewiki permissions
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I would like the ability to assign revoked rights and set add/remove group to/from self for groups in managewiki permissions.
I was thinking maybe use 3-state checkboxes. For each right have off, assigned, revoked. For each add/remove group have off, self only, others.

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Bonnedav created this task.Sep 30 2018, 06:34
John triaged this task as Low priority.Sep 30 2018, 16:59
John added a subscriber: John.

Realistically will need potentially a OOUI tabbed interface otherwise the size would be unreasonable and not great design.

Paladox added a subscriber: Paladox.Sep 30 2018, 19:19
John claimed this task.Nov 12 2018, 00:23

Any progress?

John added a comment.Dec 10 2018, 13:06

No progress, no plans to start on it at the minute as it involves a complex rewrite to implement minor improvements while there more critical features on the radar