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request citation popup (maybe it is named "Reference Tooltips")
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Wiki: 전기위키
Extension/feature requests:

I want to setup an extension. That function displays popup, when an user locates cursor on the citation. Example like this image.

I think that function is "Reference Tooltips". But that is not in the basic extension, what I can handle in my miraheze wiki.

Screenshot_2018-10-18 Tokugawa shogunate - Wikipedia.png (553×1 px, 97 KB)

So I'd like request that function to setup in my wiki.
I'd appriciate if you help me.

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@Ohmstr “Reference Tooltips” doesn’t exist as a MediaWiki extension. Did you enable both the “Cite” and “CiteThisPage” extensions in Special:ManageWikiExtensions on your wiki?

@AmandaCath I had enabled already both extensions before I asked, but nothing is changed.

Screenshot_2018-10-21 위키 관리 (확장 기능) - 전기위키.png (244×1 px, 22 KB)

You can either see if the extension Popups does what is required, or you will need to create the following pages.

MediaWiki:Gadgets-definition - with the content being:
* ReferenceTooltips[ResourceLoader|default|type=general]|ReferenceTooltips.js|ReferenceTooltips.css

MediaWiki:Gadget-ReferenceTooltips - with the content being:
[[mw:Reference Tooltips|Reference Tooltips]]: hover over inline citations to see reference information without moving away from the article text

MediaWiki:Gadget-ReferenceTooltips.js - with the content being that of the enwiki version

MediaWiki:Gadget-ReferenceTooltips.css - with the content being that of the enwiki version

If you need further help enabling the gadget, please continue this discussion on my talkpage.


The problem is solved. As you recommended, I created "MediaWiki:Gadgets-definition", "MediaWiki:Gadget-ReferenceTooltips", "MediaWiki:Gadget-ReferenceTooltips.js", "MediaWiki:Gadget-ReferenceTooltips.css. Plus, I added also an extension function "".

So I don't know exactly what function enabled the citation popup. I just found out the citation popup, what I requsted, after I created MediaWiki setup and switched the browser from Firefox to Chrome. Now I can see also that citation popup in Firefox.

@Void Thank you so much for your help.
@AmandaCath and thank you very much too.
Have a nich day!