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Request "Reference Tooltips" be installed on wiki Poser and Daz Free Resources
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Hello! Please install and activate for all users [ Reference Tooltips] on wiki [ Poser and Daz Free Resources]

You can contact me at

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John added a subscriber: John.

Please read as this is a gadget and not an extension. You can enable it through the MediaWiki namespace on your wiki.

ReferenceTooltips does not appear as a gadget under Preferences on

"You need to add and to your wiki" and then add ReferenceTooltips[ResourceLoader|default]|ReferenceTooltips.js|ReferenceTooltips.css to MediaWiki:Gadgets-definition on you wiki.
If you want me to handle it, I can.

Yes, please do. I have no idea how to add a script to my wiki.