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Permissions settings do not longer seem to be effective
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The group User had only the permission to read, not to create or to change a page. The group Editor ( however had the right to change pages. It seems this distinction has changed: although the permissions of the group User seem to be set correct on the permissions form ( ), in reality every visitor (not logged in user) can change a page or create one and save it. I discovered it today.

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Paladox added a comment.Oct 28 2018, 09:35

Hi, you probaly want to change* since User only affects logged in users where as * affects annons.

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MacFan4000 changed the visibility from "Custom Policy" to "Public (No Login Required)".
MacFan4000 changed the edit policy from "Custom Policy" to "All Users".
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John closed this task as Invalid.EditedOct 28 2018, 12:04
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This was caused by

Nothing wrong with the software otherwise.

Paladox added a comment.Oct 28 2018, 12:06

@John how so?* Dosent show any one changing it previously (see the log at the bottom)

John added a comment.Oct 28 2018, 12:08

It was the case before MWP existed.

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John changed the task status from Resolved to Invalid.Oct 28 2018, 12:18

“in reality every visitor (not logged in user) can change a page or create one and save it. I discovered it today.”

Again, nothing wrong.

I understand now that the group User is not the default group for visitors, it is the group * that is the default visitors group. So I misconceived it. However, I think remembering that I could not create of modify a page when logged out.

I just have restricted the rights of the group * and now it's okay.