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Page renders strangely on Mobile View
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All of my Wiki pages except for the main page renders strangely in Mobile View. For example, all the headers are right-aligned instead of left-aligned and on iOS they are squished and broken out as shown in the screenshot above.

The thing is this started happening after I installed Tweeki skin and reverted back to Vector skin. I've tried other skins to see if the problem would go away, but the Mobile View still renders incorrectly no matter the skin I choose.

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This isn’t a design issue... sounds like an issue with one or more skins (which is categorized as extensions here).

Is there a way for me to "reset" mobile view?

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This seems to work now.

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I can verify that this is still an issue.

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Seconding MacFan that this still does occur. Appears to be an upstream issue.

In T3751#72015, @Xenic wrote:

Is there a way for me to "reset" mobile view?

What do you mean by this?

The page is displaying correctly for me.

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The page is still showing properly for me.

@MacFan4000 @AmandaCath is this still an issue for y'all? If not, I'm going to mark this as resolved.

@Corey try looking at the Stewards Noticeboard in the mobile view.

Now that we have upgraded to MediaWiki 1.32, is this still a problem?

Not able to reproduce this bug anywhere.

FireShot Capture 294 - ツイッター鉄道界隈まとめウィキ_ - https___twtrain.m.miraheze.org_wik.png (494×678 px, 45 KB)

I confirmed it now. There was no problem.

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it's now resolved, maybe because of upgrading...