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Fix backups of static by backing up from /mnt/mediawiki-static instead of chunks
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We need to backup /mnt/mediawiki-static instead of the chunk files.

This has come up during the accidental deletion of nonsensopediawiki files. Not being able to restore it is not ok. So this is high priority.

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Paladox triaged this task as High priority.Nov 9 2018, 02:38
Paladox created this task.
Paladox renamed this task from Improve backups of static to Fix backups of static by backing up from /mnt/mediawiki-static instead of chunks.Nov 9 2018, 02:38

This is mostly done. Just have to wait until the third sunday of this month for it to start backing up. (ie in 1 week and 1 day)

What is the progress of work on removing a failure? We noticed that there are still errors in Nonsensopedia:

Can we help? Maybe we have to import some pages or upload files again?

<this message has been translated by google translator>

@ZelDelet hello. I notified you through the send email feature in mw (and also wrote a forum on your wiki) to notify you of data loss. During that loss we noticed we had inadequate backups because we could either restore everything or do nothing. This lead to this task being created and steps taken to make sure we can restore wikis individually starting from this sunday we should have backups i think.

I do apologise for any of this.

"upload files again" if you have any backups, that would be handy thanks!

"Italian-language Mediawiki messages appear (recently I deleted two of them)" We by mistake uploaded a wikis content to your wiki.

Paladox claimed this task.

Thanks! I did that last week. Closing as resolved as we now have backups.