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problem with the designation of the source of Nonsensopedia pages
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We have a small technical problem with the designation of the source of Nonsensopedia pages. As you know, we imported the database of Nonsensopedia from Fandom. The Nonsensedia on Fandom was supposed to be closed, but Fandom disagreed. As a result of conflicts, the management of Nonsensopedia in Fandom has changed. They instruct us to post information about the sources on each page on Miraheze's Nonsensopedia. We are asking you for help. We do not want to post here a huge link to Fandom's Nonsensopedia on any of our websites. How to solve this problem in accordance with the CC-BY-SA license? Maybe it would be enough to create some kind of meta-page where we would put information about the source and the license?

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What is the license on wikia?

By that i mean for the wiki you imported from on wikia.

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Technically because the import is a full history, it is legally compliant with CC-BY-SA licensing as we are CC-BY-SA licensed as well. As I can't see any evidence to suggest the content is licensed otherwise, no action is needed.

Even quoting Wikia's short hand explanation of the license is valid,

As a contributor, you agree that being attributed in any of the following fashions satisfies the attribution requirements of the license applicable to your contribution to a wiki: […] or c) attribution through a list of all authors. Any list of authors may be filtered to exclude very small or irrelevant contributions.