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Assign editors to imported images on
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If you would like images to be fixed for attribution please open a seperate task (though I'm not sure if there's even a script for that (that can change the user of the uploader))

In the above task related to the import of to here on Miraheze, I asked if it was possible to fix histories so that images wouldn't be all attributed to in the file's page.

Since there's an actual and correct history loaded when pages were imported, this would "only" require to erase the last edit and show the real history in the files' pages.

For example, only shows as editor but in we see it's actually Fuffoloschiomancio who loaded it, and Eeeeee who categorized it.

I know this might be difficult to fix, but would you please give it a try? We have almost 50K images on our wiki, a lot of them being original content, and it would be a pity if users who created them wouldn't get recognition (outside the overlooked history page, I mean).

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Dec 11th deadline for resolution.

Status update, i've created a script that will allow us to do this.

Status update: The script is half way through now.

The script is finished now.

Please reopen this task if the problem is still there.

Thanks. I see past revisions of the file (not the page) are lost, there's only the last editor and the laste version of the file. Before I open a futile task, can something be done about it?

It should contain all the revisions for the user that created the page and or edited but not if they uploaded a image (ie more then 2).

I mean, if a file was changed, the old versions aren't there; it's only reported on the page's history, that's it. Maybe previous versions of files were not dowloaded at all by Teamwiki, I'm just asking.

Nope, we only have the latest files for each image (not any previous versions).

I thought so. Nothing can be done apparently. The case is close, thanks anyway.