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New Extension For Wikis
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See this is a good for private wikis, and I need to be add to mycmgiwiki this is :

Thanks for attention

Best Regards


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Used by ShoutWiki which is another trustworthy wiki farm, so shouldn’t be any security issues per se. However, I will note that the MediaWiki documentation page indicates that the latest version was released back in 2015 for MediaWiki 1.23, so if there haven’t been any substantial core updates since then, the code will need to be examined closely to see if there are any major bugs or flaws that would block installation.

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We can whitelist pages on your wiki upon request.

Anyway alternate to display some page via interface? What should I do?

in private wiki

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@John plans on functionality in ManageWiki that will make whitelisting pages possible without a commit to mw-config.