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Update PHP to php 7.3
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We should look at updating to PHP 7.3 once 7.3.1 is released and we have upgraded to mediawiki 1.32 T3794 .

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Paladox created this task.Thu, Nov 29, 18:48
Paladox triaged this task as Low priority.Thu, Nov 29, 18:48
Paladox claimed this task.
John added a comment.Thu, Nov 29, 18:50

PHP 7.3 hasn't been released yet. Isn't this a bit premature as we don't have a release date or even knowledge of a release at all?

John moved this task from Backlog to Operations on the Goal-2019-Jan-Jun board.Tue, Dec 4, 18:58

7.3 has now been released

Paladox raised the priority of this task from Low to Normal.Sun, Dec 9, 14:52