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Hope you guys won't mind, but I'd like to ask if you could install the following extension to my wiki:

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Paladox added a subscriber: Paladox.Dec 16 2018, 21:46

Im going to approve this extension (after a quick glamse of the source code). It looks simple, is not dangerous and will help with the migration for users coming from wikia.

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Paladox closed this task as Resolved.Dec 30 2018, 00:01
Paladox claimed this task.

Bumping as I am getting the following error on the main page:
"[20de4966f422b541bcc43583] 2018-12-31 09:02:17: Fatal exception of type "MWException""

Paladox added a comment.Dec 31 2018, 11:38

@Blakegriplingph which page are you getting that on?

Paladox added a comment.Dec 31 2018, 11:58

It works for me.