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Statistics and logs issue (actor?)
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Description (Six uploads, two deleted) (Nothing listed) (369 Currently) (409 Currently, 40 edits since November 12) Lists files from November 7 to November 11

Extension:Editcount and Special:ListFiles don't seem to be working properly right now. The examples listed above were reported on Discord, but with no exact timeframe. The issue appears to be centered around the time when the Actor table was rolled out (iirc November 12).

The issue with Editcount is most likely an Upstream fix.

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Void created this task.Mon, Dec 3, 21:38
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Paladox added a comment.Mon, Dec 3, 22:26

This seems to be a bug, so filled it upstream at

Paladox added a comment.Mon, Dec 3, 22:27

Editcount also seems to be a bug since it dosen't seem to use actor too

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This is an upstream task, which are low prio