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Import previously-defaced MediaWiki database
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I am would like to attempt to import the mysqldumps that I have from a previously-defaced mediawiki. I had a mediawiki account with another provider that - in spring of 2017 began to be defaced.

During "clean-up" from the defacing - the server's version of Ubuntu was upgraded to one that no longer supported MediaWiki (formerly was using the apt/repository install). After that I never did try hard enough to have success at re-getting the wiki to run properly.

I am not certain which version of MediaWiki I was on at the time - and I have no idea as to the integrity of the database dump (other than that I was able to import it to sqlite3 format and poke around with the little bit of SQL that I'm familiar with - and it appears to all "be there").

If possible, I would like the mysqldump to be restored to "" so that I may continue cleaning up the data and restoring the Vise wiki. The mysqldump I have is ~143MB.

Is this a possible/reasonable request?
If so, is there a best way to provide this file?

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dayid created this task.Wed, Dec 5, 21:02