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Wikis are no longer needed

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@Tophattingson Since this process can't be reverted, please confirm this on the Stewards' noticeboard as the founder of each wiki.

Looks good.

@NDKilla just delete the entries from cw_wikis and add them to deleted.dblist on mw1. There's 3-4 other wikis pending full deletion along with these.

Done above, although mw1 deleted.dblist only contains 3 wikis including the two in this task.
I didn't run removeDeletedWikis.php even tho I felt like I should cuz I wasn't exactly sure what it did and I'm tired and OD'd on aleve lmao
goin to bed so.. said this here incase you didn't see it on IRC

John assigned this task to NDKilla.

technically resolved by NDK.