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ContentTranslation Extension
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Please Folks,
Could you please install "ContentTranslation" Extension in my wiki page?

I'm looking forward to hear from you,
Warm regards,

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AmandaCath added subscribers: John, Paladox, AmandaCath.

The extension is being used by Wikimedia Foundation so it is exempt from security review, but it looks like it needs to be installed and made compatible with ManageWikiExtensions.

Hi Folks,
Please, can you help me?
I need to install ContentTranslation.
Looking forward to hearing from you,
Warm regards

The extension is approved for install as it is being used by the Wikimedia Foundation, however I do not believe that it has actually been installed yet @Paladox

AmandaCath claimed this task.

In that case, @Socioatlas you can enable this on your wiki (assuming you are a bureaucrat) by going to Special:ManageWikiExtensions and checking the box next to “ContentTranslation”.

Hi @AmandaCath
Thank you.
But unfortunately, the Option "ContentTranslation" is not showing on Special:ManageWikiExtensions .
Can you help me, please?

Warm regards,

Content translation was previously removed because it requires a service we don't have. See T784#12341. I'm guessing someone just forgot to remove the extension submodule.

AmandaCath changed the task status from Resolved to Declined.Jan 16 2019, 01:39

Well, task 784... much before my time! Anyway, unless that missing server/element can be added, I don’t think this can be reinstalled.