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CreateWiki function broken?
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Hi, there have been several reports that founders of the wiki haven't got the bureaucrat and administrator permissions as they should be. I checked the wikis I created today, and it's also happening on non reported wikis such as:

Thus, I guess this is a technical problem and post it here so that you can fix it. Thanks in advance.

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I reverted a ManageWiki update here which likely caused it.

I had to update both cw and mw (but i only did mw) see , should work now.

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Actually not fixed, it's calling a undefined function

2018-12-20 13:16:59 mw2 metawiki: [8df0e003924018677341f65c] /wiki/Special:CreateWiki Error from line 191 of /srv/mediawiki/w/extensions/ManageWiki/includes/ManageWikiHooks.php: Call to undefined method ManageWiki::updateCDBCacheVersion()

Well, using other code examples change it? You’ve done all the work you just stopped at the easy stage.

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Once deployed by someone.