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Use media files on for pages on
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When using VisualEditor to insert media on a page, we would like to see the files library on to choose the graphics file to insert. We would like the media files stored on to be available to both sites.

Now, when you try to insert a media file, you get to choose from very nice pictures that have nothing to do with our content. We would rather see the files we uploaded to

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MikeV created this task.Dec 26 2018, 17:13

Thank you for making a task so we can track this.

For the common media repository, @Paladox could you give us a status?

Second, as I mentioned before, you can disable the other files by going to "Special:ManageWikiSettings" then Media and then deselecting "Enable Wikimedia Commons Files".

Paladox claimed this task.Dec 27 2018, 12:15
Paladox added a commit: Unknown Object (Diffusion Commit).Dec 28 2018, 00:31
John added a comment.Mar 5 2019, 13:06

This is a month without reply. Can someone please give an update or resolution?

Paladox removed Paladox as the assignee of this task.Mar 5 2019, 14:35
Paladox added a comment.Mar 5 2019, 14:40

@John there dosent seem to be much we can do, this is looking like a upstream bug.

John added a comment.Mar 5 2019, 15:26

Okay, where is the task?

Reception123 changed the task status from Open to Stalled.Jul 31 2019, 06:31

Changing to stalled as it depends on Upstream and there's nothing more we can do

Paladox added a comment.May 14 2020, 21:30

This is now fixed in so far i've put redirects in place, but the user cookie dosen't twinkle down so the api is returning a permission denied.