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Users can't get back their old accounts
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After importing our old wiki, users cannot get their accounts back because they're told they already exists. It's already been discussed:

Though i went ahead and created all the users accounts to prevent the problem in the future. (if any of your users turn up and find they cannot create there account) please ask them to create a phab task (and also comment on it that you confirm it is the user please))

I was also told to use Special:GlobalRenameRequest but that only works for logged in users. So I told users to create a temporary account and use that to open that page, but it still won't work because the requested name already exists.

So, how does this work, exactly?

For example, user Revenant Lord created Revenant Lord temporaneo as a throwaway account, and now he needs to get back his original account. Let's assume you just merge them, do I have to ask every single time? It's not a problem because there's not that many users wanting their accounts back, we just need to know how it works.

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Hi, we have installed UserMerge so we can merge accounts into original accounts. Im not really sure how you can prove someone owned that account before.

Also yes we would need to have you ask for each user. You can have the users request a that there accounts be merged on the steward page .

That's how we'd do to make sure nobody is stealing accounts (as it would happen if someone created a temp account and then asked on the Steward's noticeboard):

  • The user create a temporary account on Meta.
  • The user leaves a comment in our old wiki linking to said account, so I know it's him/her.
  • I, as the only sysop/bureaucrat of both the old and the new wiki, ask on the Steward's noticeboard to merge those accounts.
  • If anyone else asks to get his new account merged with an old one, please say no because it's 99% sure it's a fake.

It should work.

@Wedhro +1 to that. Lets do that, thanks!

(will need to go to the stewards discussion page as they are the only ones with access to UserMerge)

(Closing as resolved as you have requested this on SN) :)