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Add MathRenderer extension
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I want to add this extension to my wiki, and please git clone it recursively. If adding it possible, I want also download this script to the next directory in the extension folder: MathRenderer/modules/MathJax/extensions/arabic.js . Is Adding a new font possible? if yes, may I have this font please?
I hope also that you can config the extension for me as follow (in the LocalSettings.php file):

wfLoadExtension( 'MathRenderer' ); // just a remainder to load the extension :)
$wgMRExtensions = ["arabic.js"];
$wgMRUseCDN = false;
$wgMRUseChem = true;
$wgMRFont = "Amiri";

Thanks a lot.

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Paladox added a subscriber: Paladox.Jan 9 2019, 20:45

Hi, we use mathoid which looks like it's incompatible with that repo.

Corey added a subscriber: Corey.Jan 9 2019, 23:12

You can import the font to your wiki by adding the following to your MediaWiki:Common.css page:

@import url('');

Thanks for answering.
I didn't really get what you mean by "incompatible", so I'll try to hit all possibilities:

  1. The extension will cause internally conflicts: I don't think it will. It just loads a MathJax script from local or remote folder (with some configurations) and sets up two hooks.
  1. The extension will cause conflicts on my wiki level: I'm not totally aware of how your system works, but from what I see (on github), extensions get loaded only for specific users, so It will only conflict with Math extension on the wiki of the user that enabled both extensions. The only conflict will happen that Math extension will take over the hook of the second extension (or vice versa). It's not even a conflict.

Hmmm, I totally forgot that I can use CSS. Thanks a lot.

Ahmadnourallah added a comment.EditedJan 15 2019, 17:06

I think it's somehow a hard task to accomplish on your system. What about just allow me to load scripts from this and this location? I can do the rest of magic on my Common.js page.
I repeat my thanks.

Void added a comment.Jan 17 2019, 22:15

If need be, I don't think there would be any legal reason you couldn't provide a copy of the scripts on your wiki, provided that the licensing information (which is in a comment at the top of the script) is kept intact, and that you supply the URL of the original copy.

I didn't mean in that comment asking for legal permission, but technical. I want to load them externally, using mw.loader or something similar, on my Common.js page. Doing that now gives me an error related with the CSP (Content Security Policy) in my browser console, says that the page settings blocked the loading of the resource. I just want to be able to load them.
Sorry for misunderstanding.

Paladox added a comment.Jan 27 2019, 02:17

Hi, what is the full error your getting?

Void added a comment.Jan 27 2019, 02:26

If you provide a copy of the script locally on your wiki, you can load it from there without any difficulties. If you need any help doing that, let me know.

John closed this task as Invalid.Feb 4 2019, 00:31
John added a subscriber: John.

Per above reply, can be done locally. Otherwise, see reply immediately above that one.