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Add number of unique visitors/month in MatomoAnalytics
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I was directed here from the Community Noticeboard. Currently, the Analytics page displays all sorts of useful data, but I can't see the number of monthly visitors, which is, in my opinion, a very interesting piece of data.

Thank you.

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Reception123 triaged this task as Normal priority.Feb 16 2019, 07:34
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I've added unique visits now!

@Reception123 I've tested it and, while the option appears in the drop-down, the statistic is empty:

image.png (290×1 px, 14 KB)

NeoMahler reopened this task as Open.EditedMar 7 2019, 19:32

Re-opening because after some days, the problem persists.

No, it's not resolved yet. It shows four letters, no numbers.

image.png (348×713 px, 13 KB)