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Error in the creation of thumbnails (
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Hello, I'm running a wiki and it doesn't generate any thumbnail. The thumbnails suddenly stopped working. Each of them is now replaced by the message "Error creating thumbnail: File missing." They worked perfectly before. Some of the full images work, but not thumbnails.

I tried to upload successively a new file and it is easily visible as a thumbnail. Is there any way to recover the missing files or uploading them all over again is the only way?

My wiki can be found HERE.
A specific example of the problem is HERE.

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Hi, did you upload the image correctly?

You can overwrite the images.

I looked on the server but it cannot find the images (for example this one )

Ah i see now, you were affected by the data loss we had in august (when we switched to swift). We then quickly switched to lizardfs and everything has been stable since. So if you would like to re upload your images, they should be safe!

Thank you so much for your response!

So I assume uploading all those files again is the only solution for this case?

yup, we have resolved the problem by switching to a stable solution and properly backing up the static files now.

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Hello, I have to reopen this thread as the problem returned. I have uploaded the missing files before as Paladox suggested. It seems like the case is still not solved as all the thumbnails became invisible again. I just cannot be bothered to repeat the process of uploading them once more. It took me a lot of time and did not pay off. Is there any other possibility to avoid such a thing happening over and over?

Hi, thanks for contacting us, do you know when that started?

Thanks a bunch for the quick reply!

The last time I logged into my account before today was April 2. Everything worked perfectly back then. I had wanted to upload some images and then I noticed that all the thumbnails are gone. I reopened the thread right after discovering the issue.

I’m very sorry to notify you that your wikis file directory some how disappeared :(.

I’m am so profusely sorry.

I took a look in our backups but it appeared that it had only backed up one of your file images (so I restored it)

I’ve also had a look at why it didn’t backup all your wiki file storage and think I may have fixed it with (not 100% sure though)

(I had a looked and couldn’t figure out why your file directory went missing)

Again I’m so very sorry.

That's definitely something that deserves more investigation if possible.

I'm also noticing similar behavior on toxicfandomsandhatedomswiki (many files missing as of today), digimonwiki (several files missing), and testwiki (one file). Not sure of other wikis are affected, but it seems likely.

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Because this is now affecting multiple wikis, UBN

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I've restored the listed wiki's files.

Lowering priority.

This is resolved as in i've looked at things and made some improvements. Though i have not found the root cause yet.