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a few tweeks to my tweeki skin localsettings.php file
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I would be happy to make these myself so I can see the results, but not sure how to get access -

These two sections appear to be what I need to change:

$wgTweekiSkinHideAnon = array( 'subnav' => true, 'PERSONAL' => true, 'TOOLBOX' => true );
Elements in this array will be hidden for users who are NOT logged in.

$wgTweekiSkinHideNonAdvanced = array( 'EDIT-EXT-special' => true );
Elements in this array will only be shown to users who have chosen in their preferences to show "advanced features".

I would like to hide the "edit button" for everyone but advanced features users (ideally for just bureaucrats/administrators, but can use preferences).
I would like to show login option for everyone (currently it is hidden by default so there is no way to login).

Thank you.

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I am really sorry that no one took a look at this task in all this time. Do you still need this?

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no response.