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Duplicated "Create/Edit source" buttons on custom namespaces
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When creating or editing a page in a custom namespace on a wiki with VisualEditor enabled, the "Create source" and "Edit source" buttons appear to be duplicated. Their functionality is not affected -- the button on the left loads the VisualEditor normally, and the one on the right loads the wikitext editor normally -- only the display text is incorrect for the button on the left, which should simply read "Create" or "Edit", without the "source" part at the end.

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K6ka created this task.Feb 24 2019, 21:46
Paladox added a subscriber: Paladox.Feb 24 2019, 23:04

Hi, which wiki is this for?

K6ka added a comment.Feb 24 2019, 23:07

I noticed this issue on I created a "Fanon" and a "Game guide" namespace for the wiki, which is when I noticed the issue. I just checked and the issue seems to have "fixed" itself; the first "Edit" button for VisualEditor editing no longer appears on either namespace, leaving just the "Edit source" button.

John closed this task as Invalid.Feb 26 2019, 21:21