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Download database dump for Absurdopedia
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Please help download the Wikia`s Absurdopedias database dump. It is very large when unpacking. Link to download the archive—

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Teitanka created this task.Mar 1 2019, 15:15

The import is running.

Teitanka added a comment.Mar 2 2019, 14:36

Thank. How far has the import come?

Teitanka added a comment.Mar 4 2019, 08:45

Do not tell me how much more approximately the time it will take to import? We are experiencing, since we will soon remove the Absurdopedia on Fandom, and we still need to check everything on the spot.

Teitanka added a comment.Mar 4 2019, 08:48

And will there not be a conflict if we ourselves will import something in separate blocks, in addition to a common dump, if there is a coincidence?

They would like to know the ETA of this import, and whether there will be an edit conflict if they import stuff manually using Special:Import and/or Special:Upload. Could you tell us?

artushak added a subscriber: artushak.Mar 6 2019, 16:18
Teitanka added a comment.Mar 9 2019, 06:14

Sorry to bother you, but we can no longer wait for the database to be flooded and withdraw the current request.

@Teitanka @The_Pioneer I am very sorry, but due to the large amount of your dump it takes time. So, if you would like to stop the import, how will you continue importing the files? Do you prefer to do so manually?

Teitanka added a comment.Mar 9 2019, 10:54

No, we are tired of dependencies and go to our own server. Sorry

Paladox closed this task as Declined.Mar 30 2019, 00:24