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Animated Feet at Miraheze
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Wiki URL the wiki doesn't have as much pages as the sooner or later defunct older wiki, I was thinking that could you transfer the content from on to

the pages are down below of the email:

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Void edited projects, added Import, MediaWiki; removed Configuration.Mar 4 2019, 18:15
Paladox claimed this task.Thu, Mar 28, 22:37
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Sorry for the delay, i will start the import now!

Tycio awarded a token.Wed, Apr 17, 03:42
Tycio added a subscriber: Tycio.Wed, Apr 17, 03:49

Hello Paladox thank you for claiming this task! I was the bureaucrat on the project's previous location and Delta has extended those rights here as well. Wikia/Fandom appears to have closed the project now. Do you still have the XML file? Pages_full zipped in a 7z was 17MB so very easy to download but I noticed when I decompressed it was 461 MB.

Do you know if there is a way to track the % completion we are of incorporating the XML data? When it wouldn't let me upload the 461MB file (I figured due to 250MB cap on file uploads) I tried to do pages_current since it was smaller (8MB compressed, 90MB decompressed) but it only added about 5 pages before giving an error.

What confuses me is that when I view I can see my 5 adds but I can also see that a lot of history has been imported but it just doesn't show up in the log.

Am I complicating matters by doing this? I don't want to get in the way. I didn't know there was already a Phabricator Task open for this until today when I saw Void's reply at and only just set up Phabricator due to activations getting sent to junk mail.