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Import for Neciklopedio
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Please let me know if you need other files from me; I can get them ASAP.

Wiki is . Thank you.

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Void triaged this task as Normal priority.Mar 6 2019, 14:32

I am terribly sorry for the delay, I will start the import now.

The delay is reasonable considering your funds and the large number of people wanting to switch to Miraheze at the same time, so no issues there. Please let me know if you run into issues importing, and it would be really great if this could be done before March 31st when Wikia boots us so I can inform the other user(s) of the successful move. It's understandable if this cannot happen, though.

Is everything proceeding OK with this? Is there any sort of time frame you can give?

@Draketa There were a few issues due to an import issue server wise, but hopefully it will be completed very soon. I apologize for the inconvenience

Most of the images still appear to be broken?

It looks like we're going to end up going elsewhere. Still, it may be my fault the images were broken, as I may have uploaded the wrong XML dump. But the entire wiki has been imported very quickly over at . Thank you; please close our wiki.

@Draketa I'm sorry that you've chosen to leave. If you have time I would really appreciate if you could fill in this quick leave survey: