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Wikibase (Client) for sumroletaericwiki
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Hey. I would like to have Wikibase Client installed on my wiki. I keep getting the error code "attempt to index field 'wikibase' (a nil value)" and I understand that I need Wikibase Client to solve this.


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Merch created this task.Mar 15 2019, 16:28
Void added a comment.Mar 17 2019, 02:32

I've done a quick fix on one of the modules, as I don't believe adding wikibase alone would fix it. Would need to confirm though.

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For some reason, WikiBase Client is installed but cannot be enabled by bureaucrats in ManageWiki - it needs to be done by a sysadmin @Paladox

Paladox added a comment.May 20 2019, 17:56

It's restricted as it doesn't really work for us yet.

@Paladox so does that mean the extension is declined for now?

AmandaCath closed this task as Declined.Jul 15 2019, 17:30
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Declined for now per T4545#86255

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Actually, scratch that... this is just stalled on getting the extension fixed.

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You can now enable this on your wiki via Special:ManageWiki/extensions. You need to enable the Wikibase Repository extension as well. We will work on allowing client only installations (disconnected from a main Repo) however this is not possible currently.

If you require a client-only install, please re-open this task so we are aware of the number of wikis needing this setup so we can prioritise the work needed to do this. It will also be of help if you inform us where the main Wikibase repo resides which you need to use.

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