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Enabled extensions missing requirements lock ManageWiki
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After the migration to the new requirements system, in any case where an extension was previously enabled without fulfilling the (new) requirements Special:ManageWikiExtensions become unusable because the software rejects any change where the requirements were not already meet.

For example, see hypopediawiki.

Can be dealt with on a case by case basis by using the toggleExtension.php script, but would another fix be feasible/needed?

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Void triaged this task as Normal priority.Mar 19 2019, 02:25
Void created this task.
Void added a subscriber: Hypercane.Mar 19 2019, 03:12
John edited projects, added MediaWiki; removed ManageWiki.Mar 19 2019, 09:15
John added a subscriber: John.

Moving forward this isn’t possible so should be resolved on a toggleExtension.php basis

Void added a comment.Mar 20 2019, 18:54

In that case, then, would someone mind either enabling voteny or disabling blogpage on hypopediawiki?

Void closed this task as Declined.Mar 28 2019, 22:55
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Declined per @John, Fixed in this case by @Paladox.