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Requesting Trollpasta XML Import
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This is the phabricator request for the import of the deleted trollpasta wikia to miraheze. Due to issues involving Carc forgetting his login info it will have to be on trollpastawiki instead of just trollpasta.

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Transfer from Google Drive to Miraheze servers has started. (received via email)

Hi, I was wondering how the transfer is going. I know the file is massive (probably the biggest you've ever had to do) and it might take a while but approximately how close is it to being fully moved in? Thanks

Hi, i have started the import, sorry for such a delay.

Actually, you might want to hold off for a bit. I'm planning to change the import to a new subdomain (

I have the XML files of Trollpasta, where do I put it at?

Put them at once the request ( gets approved

Before I help, are you making the wiki private?

No, the wiki is going to be public

K. I'll leave a XML files on this comment if that's okay. I mean, I once tried to import XML files on some wiki, myself, but I have an error. So, I think Miraheze staff should do it for you.

You can thank me for it, but I rather not be an admin on your wiki due to me being close to graduation.

Could you change the import to please? The one I originally linked is not going to be used. Thanks

Sorry for the delay, this is now imported!

I don't think the import was fully done. Even on my page I see a lot of red links to pages that were on the original wiki but weren't properly imported

Can I get someone to reopen this? The import wasn't fully completed.

Really sorry, forgot to say that i restarted the import on monday. It's still on going.

It's now done finishing importing.