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Make Mediatecawiki show which pages are using each image
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mediateca.miraheze.orgHello, everybody. In my wiki MediatecaWiki the "Global use of the file" as does Wikimedia Commons. For example in Wikimedia Commons, the file "Missing image man.svg, has a list of pages (of Wikimedia projects) that are using that image. While in Mediatecawiki only the local pages appear and it doesn't show if this file is being used by my other wikis for example Ucroniaswiki and Destinoswiki.

I would like to have that function but I couldn't find how to configure it. I would appreciate your help. Greetings.

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Hispano76 created this task.Mar 31 2019, 02:51
John added a subscriber: John.May 7 2019, 23:55

We could in theory only configure this for Commonswiki and not for individual file repos.

Hispano76 closed this task as Declined.May 28 2019, 15:52
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I'm closing the request. Due to a review of all my projects.