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I would like to test using the disqus service for commenting threads on wiki pages. I've integrated the disqus service successfully in the past, I like its support for multiple SSO platforms (google, facebook, etc).

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I would like to amend this and request two extensions to be enabled instead of just the one:

  • PageDisqus
  • DisqusTag
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@Southparkfan if this is blocked by a security issue, shouldn't this be declined?

@AmandaCath hi! It is a *potential* security issue, I'm actually lacking the tools I need to verify it's present or absent. If the former, the extension would likely pass review after the fix has been applied.

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The extension is now available, but restricted because a config has to be set before you can enable the extension.

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@cloudytheology If you still want this then please let us know, We will need your Disqus sites short name first.

Unassigning me as nothing I can do here

Thank you - yes I still do want this, please give me a few days to get back with details (still dealing with flooded basement)

RhinosF1 added a comment.Oct 6 2019, 13:39

Okay No problem

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@Hispano76: We’ll let you know once we have further public information.

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No response since last year.

@cloudytheology If you still need this please reopen this task.