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Move misc2 to hetzner
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We need to move misc2 to hetzner so that we can have 4gb of ram for 5.93 euros. Which equates to 6.65.

We would choose germany which is right next to the netherlands so not too much latency. But we need to the ram boost as soon as possible.

@Southparkfan or @John thoughts?

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Paladox triaged this task as High priority.Apr 5 2019, 15:26
Paladox created this task.

@labster thoughts too? (as we would need to add another country to our privacy policy).

Wait, if misc2 runs Redis, does that mean that our cache will be in a different DC than our app servers? This seems like a questionable idea.

Oh, right, yes. Though see T4019.

So i guess for now we need to upgrade to 2gb of ram.

Encryption is one thing, but I meant bad from a performance point of view. It shouldn't take less time to round trip through your database than your cache. You want to put cache as close as you can to your application servers. Possibly even with read-only replicas running on the mw servers, if you can spare the memory.