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Renaming of a few namespaces (and mass move of pages)
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Last year I asked for many new namespaces to be added (T3553) but I didn't notice, until now, there's a little mistake in a few of them: the second word was supposed to be capitalized but it isn't. Here they are:

  • Discussioni nonnotizie
  • Discussioni nonvoyage
  • Discussioni nonquote
  • Discussioni nondizionario
  • Discussioni noniversità
  • Discussioni nonsource
  • Discussioni nonbooks

For example "Discussioni Nonnotizie".
Then all the pages in those namespaces need to be moved, without redirects, to the renamed namespaces. Luckily enought it's not super-active namespaces, maybe "just" one thousand pages.

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Hi, you can do this through Special:ManageWikiNamespaces.

There's so many good features on Miraheze that sometimes I forget they exist! But I'd rather not leave behind a thousand useless redirects, is there something I can do to prevent it from happening or delete them at once?

You doin't need to delete, you can easily update it, for example like i did for "Discussioni nonnotizie". I updated it to Discussioni Nonnotizie using ManageWikiNamespace.

Oh, I thought it literally leaved wiki redirects, now I see it's not the case. Thanks, I'm updating namespaces by myself right now.