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Update wiki statistics
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After I added more content newspaces Special:Statics gives a wrong number. Would you please update the statistics? Also, a question: do they automatically update only when creating new pages?

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Appears to be fine now, if this occurs again please open another ticket. Thank you!

Hi, i've ran 2 scripts, initSiteStats.php and updateArticleCount.php. The stats being updated does not appear to be updated automatically if the wiki is large, see

Stats are now closer to the real number but not quite there (I wrote it down before moving here), better than nothing I guess.
I don't have the technical background needed to understand that so please tell me: we will never get correct stats in real time and we'll always need to open a ticket to get them updated?

@Wedhro mind filing a separate task for updating statistics for large wiki's please? We will certainly look at adding a cron or using the jobqueue for large wiki's.

Sorry, I'm not sure what you mean. I will do it, I just need you to please tell me exactly what and how.

Oh, you just need to request that large wiki's have there statistic's updated more frequently. For us to resolve that task we would run initSiteStats.php either in a cron or the job runner. That will update your statistics more frequently (not instant but will update frequently).