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Experiment with Apache Traffic Server
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The wikimedia foundation are looking to replace Varnish with Apache Traffic Server. So we should look at Apache Traffic Server seeing as we can replace both varnish and nginx on the frontend (cp) with Apache Traffic Server.

Apache Traffic Server is also proven to be very performant.

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Paladox created this task.Apr 18 2019, 14:21

Which benefits do you expect?

John added a subscriber: John.Apr 18 2019, 20:44

Which benefits do you expect?

SSL termination firstly so less layers for traffic to travel.

Paladox triaged this task as Normal priority.Apr 19 2019, 18:59
Paladox added a comment.Apr 20 2019, 22:13

Bookmarking (will need to see if that will be useful for us and also ask what the license of the file is).

John lowered the priority of this task from Normal to Low.May 7 2019, 23:47