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Enable Support for TLSv1.3
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Since it is the newest and most secure version of TLS, we should support it.

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MacFan4000 created this task.Apr 26 2019, 16:25

Why is this a private task?

Paladox added a subscriber: Paladox.Apr 26 2019, 17:50

^^, secondly we have enabled tls 1.3 in nginx (but it's not used due to the openssl version we have).

ATS supports tls 1.3 and i have got it working.

MacFan4000 added a comment.EditedApr 26 2019, 18:09

When I ran an SSL check it said that 1.3 wasn’t supported.

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Paladox added a comment.Apr 26 2019, 18:14

Yup, hence " (but it's not used due to the openssl version we have)." :)

John closed this task as Resolved.Apr 26 2019, 21:02
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In theory we do. Task enquires no action, will be resolved automatically with time.

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