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Enable Wikibase client on IAWiki
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Hello, I would like to request that the wikibase client extension is enabled on IAwiki.

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Forest created this task.May 1 2019, 04:52
AmandaCath added subscribers: Paladox, AmandaCath.

For some reason WikiBase Client is restricted from ManageWiki - not sure why, but it will need to be done by a sysadmin @Paladox

AmandaCath closed this task as Declined.Jul 15 2019, 17:31
AmandaCath claimed this task.

Declined for now per T4545#86255

AmandaCath reopened this task as Stalled.Jul 15 2019, 17:36
AmandaCath removed AmandaCath as the assignee of this task.
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Actually, scratch that... this is just stalled on getting the extension fixed.