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Requesting DiscordNotifications
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Kindly requesting that the DiscordNotifications feature be added to my wiki. Please let me know if there is any information I can provide to aid in this.

Thank you!

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Edgard created this task.May 1 2019, 23:49

Hi, the extension is enabled for all wiki's, if you want it to go to a specific channel, could you provide the hooks url to staff{{at}} please? (since we doin't want your hooks url to be public)

Edgard added a comment.May 2 2019, 00:07

Thank you, @Paladox. I just sent the email with the webhook url.

Paladox closed this task as Resolved.May 2 2019, 00:13
Paladox claimed this task.

Thanks, added your url now! Please reopen if updates are not being sent to your channel.