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Create the Miraheze-feed-es channel
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Hello, I propose the creation of this channel for wikis in Spanish. The reasons are:

  • The current feed channel, it is not possible to make wikis visible in Spanish due to the constant editions per minute of wikis in other languages. Makes many wikis go unnoticed
  • To facilitate surveillance on these channels and prevent vandalism on "abandoned" wikis.

These are the main reasons for my request. I will listen to your comments. Greetings.

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@Paladox Would you be interested in taking a look on how to do this?

As some customers notify you if someone says a word like "Help" or "User". When the bot announces an edit, have the wiki language appear next to the wiki name. Better in an example:

testwiki (English) * [[Special:Log/upload]] upload * Hispano76 * uploaded "[[File:Example.jpg]]": File uploaded with MsUpload
hispanowiki (Spanish) * [[Info:Julieta Venegas]] N * Hispano76 * (+783)
wikitestfrance (Francais) * [[MediaWiki:Sidebar]] * Hispano76 * (+43)
hispanowiki (Spanish) * [[Info:Julieta Venegas]] N * Hispano76 * (+783)

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I can build a script that uses the wiki discover api and hooks it into StreamBot. Non-Global WikiFeeds are handled through StreamBotMH so this probably should be upstreamed to our tracker but I'll solve it wherever this task is at some point this week.

It'll only update daily though.

There is already a channel created for #miraheze-feed-es, correct?

The next step was to automate adding wikis to the track list. I never got round to that.