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Create Account broken on SDIY wiki
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If you (while logged out) go to Create Account on sdiywiki, fill in the details and click "Create your account", it gives an error message:

Database error

A database query error has occurred. This may indicate a bug in the software.

[733e40cf1c112567a829c061] 2019-05-14 14:57:25: Fatal exception of type "Wikimedia\Rdbms\DBExpectedError"

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Rob_Kam created this task.May 14 2019, 15:09
Rob_Kam triaged this task as Unbreak Now! priority.May 14 2019, 15:15
Rob_Kam added a comment.May 14 2019, 15:19

That was on Google Chrome. Worked alright with IE once I'd completed the reCaptcha.

Paladox closed this task as Resolved.May 14 2019, 15:29
Paladox added a subscriber: Paladox.

This was a transient issue that appears fixed now! Thanks for reporting.

Please reopen if the problem still happens.

Rob_Kam added a comment.May 14 2019, 15:39

Thanks :-)