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Update domain name
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Hi, I'm moving my existing wiki to miraheze. It's original url is, but I want to discotinue this address, register a new domain, and use this new one with the Miraheze platform.

Can you help me with this?

Many thanks,

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AmandaCath edited projects, added SSL; removed Configuration.May 15 2019, 22:30
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Hi, Please follow the instructions at in order to complete your request.

Sorry, I'm a bit lost here and did not created the custom domain. But it seems to have another issue to solve before this.
I tried to open the wiki now and got a message that the connection is not private. Seems to be a certificate issue. How can I fix this?
The wiki is

Paladox added a subscriber: Paladox.May 26 2019, 18:29

We don't allow (seeing as this is a miraheze domain and not your own custom domain).

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