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Error in weatherwiki userrights configuration
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In R9:4478e5bdc3ef8204ba6e3a57dbb700ff00373b7c I made a configuration change to ManageWikiPermissions on weatherwiki that allowed the founder user group to add/remove the banned user group, which was previously not possible as the banned group only contains revoked rights and therefore is not recognized by MWP. However, something must have gone wrong, because for some reason, I can add the banned group to a user account who is not currently in the group (i.e. ban a user who is not banned), but I cannot remove the group from a user who is in it (i.e. unban a user who was previously banned). I've attached a scrennshot of the UserRights page for a banned LTA account to demonstrate the problem - I'm not looking to unban anyone now, I just want to have the ability to do so.

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