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Requested by Looney Toons (link)

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SelfCloak created this task.May 17 2019, 16:30

Now that I can log in, the URL of the desired extension is

Thank you.

John assigned this task to Paladox.May 17 2019, 20:54
John added a subscriber: John.

Said he was going to move this to a gerrit repo. Until that happens it won’t be reviewed or installed.

Ok, thank you.

AmandaCath changed the task status from Open to Stalled.May 19 2019, 18:17
AmandaCath edited projects, added Extensions, Extension-Review; removed Configuration.

Even once paladox does whatever he needs to do, unless this is being used by the Wikimedia Foundation in some way, a security review is required, which can unfortunately take a long time.

AmandaCath removed a subscriber: AmandaCath.
Paladox added a comment.Jul 16 2019, 15:43

Upstream want me to contact the author first and be willing to maintain the extension.

John closed this task as Declined.Aug 24 2019, 18:07
John removed a project: Extension-Review.

Re-open when review is possible @Paladox