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On the following wiki: I would like to have the following extension: Would this be possible? Thanks

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Merch created this task.May 20 2019, 20:07
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Security review is needed. Unfortunately, this likely is going to take a while, as security reviews of new extensions are very highly backlogged.

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This extension is used on WMF projects, no review needed.

This extension is used on WMF projects, no review needed.

<sarcasm>It's probably best that nobody mentions the letters "WMF" right now...</sarcasm>


Sorry for the very late reply. WikiHiero is already installed on Miraheze but has had issues in the past, so that's why it's not features in ManageWiki/extensions, but I could take a look at those issues.

Just to make sure due to the long wait, @Merch do you still need this?

Reception123 closed this task as Declined.Aug 14 2019, 05:23
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No answer if still needed.

Again, sorry for the time it took to answer. If you still need this please reopen the task.