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add font to my wiki
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hello. i want to change font of this wiki because default farsi font is bad. i try to upload it but ttf was not allowed to upload to wiki. and Content Security Policy block fonts come from other resources. can you allow ttf file format to upload in my wiki?

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Hamid created this task.May 21 2019, 20:30
AmandaCath added a subscriber: AmandaCath.

To import a new font not preloaded by MediaWiki, you'll need to get a CSP exemption from an operations member.

Hamid added a comment.May 22 2019, 18:21

can i upload font somewhere ( for example in ) that does not need CSP exception ? why uploaded files are restricted to djvu، gif، ico، jpg، jpeg، ogg، pdf، png، svg ?

and if that is not possible, how i can get a CSP exemption ?

Paladox added a subscriber: Paladox.Jun 29 2019, 15:46

Hi, it depends on where your importing the fonts from. If the url is not in then you need to request that the url is added.

Paladox changed the task status from Open to Stalled.Jun 29 2019, 15:46

@Hamid update? Is the font that you want hosted at a URL that is included in the link that paladox gave above? If not, what is the URL so it can be added?

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No response.

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