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Move back to use one special page (Special:ManageWiki)
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This is to prevent code duplication and try and move things into a more clean presentation

Structure would probably be;

Ideally losing out on global wiki context like we do with permissions and namespaces would be the idea - so all ManageWiki logs exist only on their respective wikis. Though we'd need to keep global context for master Special:ManageWiki as that's how we log deletions and eventually locking of wikis.

This is really going to be a discussion task for now - I don't have a lot of intention to work on this yet so for now there is a chance for this to be discussed on this task, on wiki and any other venue(s) it may be necessary.

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John triaged this task as Low priority.May 23 2019, 19:12
John created this task.

I think actions done by wiki manager should be logged on meta though

In T4409#83879, @Zppix wrote:

I think actions done by wiki manager should be logged on meta though

Internally we're pushing more for actions to be done locally when managewiki-restricted is used. The overlap of wikimanagers and local users is so much, it is the same job. Only difference is it's not granted through local ManageWikiPermissions but by a steward. All logging should be centralised and the central wiki to log on for a wiki is itself.

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